Heritage cycle sold wrong part, won't make it right

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment

Heritage Cycle (Fort Walton Beach)sold my mechanic an incorrect part (cam chain tensioner)

The parts guy admitted the error, but the owner of Heritage would take no responsibility, not even refund for the part. I am now forced to purchase the correct part and have it installed (the labor for first installation was approx. $300).

You'd think they would be happy to at least replace the wrong part to keep a coustomer

I purchased the Bike new a few years ago at this Dealership for $20k

I highly recommend Harley owners in this area order parts from other sources.

Review about: Incorrect Part.



I also ordered the wrong part and the is no return after 30 days period.I am out $170.00.

Thats their customer service policy.

Better off buying parts from a supplier who is flexible and wants to continue having future sales with it's customers.It is all about greed.

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